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Am I in the Switzerland school journey photo?

The blue oval identifies Stuart Vincent – click to see more.

1964 Trip to Switzerland A Parrish
1964 Trip to Switzerland P Evans
1964 Trip to Switzerland S Giles

Stuart Vincent contacted the archive after buying a copy of the Dashwood Souvenir book. He knew he’d been on the school journey to Switzerland in 1964, but couldn’t see himself in the photo on the book’s pages about the 1960s.

We supplied a higher-resolution digital image to Stuart, and he located himself -‘behind a waving hand, so only part of my face is visible’! He’s identified himself in the blue oval in the picture (click to enlarge and see close-ups). He also managed to name Susan Giles, circled red; Pete Evans, circled red; Avril Parrish, circled blue.  Stuart says, ‘I recognise lots of other faces, but can’t put names to them’, so if you can help, please get in touch.

Stuart also recalled this story.  ‘One memory I have of the school trip is being loaned a Brownie Box camera by an Aunt.  I had two roll films, each with eight pictures.  After finishing the first film, I decided to open the camera and have a look at the pictures.  One of the teachers saw me doing it, but wasn’t able to stop me before I had ruined the film.  I do have the pictures from the second film somewhere in the attic, but don’t know where to lay my hands on them at present.  If I do come across them I will forward copies.’

Please do, if you find them, Stuart!

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