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The Pied Piper 1978

Remember this production?

1978 Pied Piper
1970s The Pied Piper production
1975 Messer retirement playground
1975 Mr Messer retirement

Former pupil Peter Preece contacted the Archive after seeing the Dashwood book. It was great to hear that he appears in the book – in the photo on page 35, marking the retirement of Mr Messer, the caretaker. Peter is in the middle wearing the purple jumper. Do you know any of the other faces – or those in the second picture with Mr Messer?

Peter also said he had played a character in a production of the Pied Piper – and he wondered, did we have any pictures of the production in the archive? I found a few, but sadly they didn’t show Peter’s character. But maybe you recognise some of the other people – do let us know if so.


3 Responses to The Pied Piper 1978

  1. Philip Peacock says:

    Hello I was a pupil at Dashwood School in the same year as the pupils in the Pied Piper photo. I am now 53.
    The headline says 1978 but this is not correct as we were all at secondary school then.
    Pupils I knew and remember in the photo are as follows.
    Back row far right is my oldest friend Richard Swinford who I have been friends with for 47 years. Standing with blue top and crutch I believe is Neil Morris sitting from left to right Tony Houghton, Alan Hammond, Kevin Crisp.
    Seeing this site has brought back so many memories.

  2. Philip Peacock says:

    Hello again I have noticed that there are two different set of photos regards the Pied Piper.
    On the Website the headline picture is the one I messaged about being much earlier, the other one with two photo’s could well be 1978.

  3. Rebecca says:

    Hi Philip, Thanks so much for getting in touch and clarifying my confusing headline! And many thanks for the names of some of the people featured in the photos.

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