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Fond Memories and new photos of Norway school journey

Sandra Aston and Mr Underwood on the 1961 school journey to Norway

Sandra Aston and Mr Underwood on the 1961 school journey to Norway

Sandra Clough also sent this 1958 picture of a traditional Dashwood fancy dress party.
A pyjama party during the 1961 Norway school journey - thanks to Sandra Clough for this picture.
Sandra Aston and Mr Underwood on the 1961 school journey to Norway

Sandra Clough wrote to us in January 2010 after receiving a copy of the Dashwood book for Christmas – and sent us new photos of the Norway school journey in 1961 as well as a fancy dress competition.

Dear Rebecca,

I was given a copy of this book for Christmas and was delighted to see a photo of myself with Mr Underwood on Page 26 (picture number 5) at the top of the mountain in Norway. The book brought back lots of memories of being at Dashwood Road School and the people too! The Head Master at the time was a Mr Proctor and I remember him encouraging us to go down the slide in the playground as he often did himself.

I found the original photograph of myself and Mr Underwood in Norway as well as ones of other classmates who were on the same trip.

Thank you for putting this book together and also to my brother, who also went to the school, for buying it for me for Christmas!

Kind regards
Sandra Clough
(Nee Aston)

Hi Sandra,

Many thanks for getting in touch. It’s really great to hear from former Dashwoodians who have seen the book, and even better when they find themselves in it!

Do you have other photos of that trip in addition to the ones I had for the book? I think those came from Mr Underwood himself who kindly loaned them from his own collection. If you have any others that I could add to the archive (in the form of a scan so you keep the originals) that would be fantastic!

Very happy new year and thanks again for writing,


Dear Rebecca,

I have managed to find three more photographs, two from Voss in Norway and one from a fancy dress competition circa 1958/9.

I have numbered each photo and managed to name most people.  I have enjoyed looking back and reminiscing and I hope these are of some use to you.



Dear Sandra,

Absolutely brilliant! Many thanks for taking the time to scan and label these. We don’t have any that are similar to these so it’s really fantastic to have them. I am going to visit Mr Underwood tomorrow and I will print these to take and show him.

Very many thanks again,


Dear Rebecca,

Thanks for your e-mail I’m finding this very exciting. I haven’t lived in Banbury for thirty five years but still visit as I still have family there. Please give my best wishes to Mr Underwood I will always have fond memories of both him and his wife. I still have sherry glasses which they bought me as a wedding present in 1972 , I was a hairdresser and used to do Mrs Underwood’s hair.

My brother, sister and nephews all attended Dashwood Road and my mum was a dinner lady there, we also lived all of two minutes from the school.

It was so interesting reading about Miss Meadows although I don’t remember her from school she taught us at Sunday school. The photos are great, I just wish I had more to share with you. Please do what you will with them, it’s amazing how the names just came flooding back I hope you manage to fill in the gaps.

I don’t know if you realise but before we went to Norway we had pen friends there and during our visit we not only met them but went to their homes. We also were taught to sing in Norweigan by Mrs Proctor.

Enough of my ramblings Rebecca, I’m so pleased I’ve been of help to you,

Best wishes to you


Dear Sandra,

Sorry for the delay in emailing you again, but when I saw Mr Underwood a few Fridays ago, he was very pleased indeed to remember you, and sends his best wishes.

I read your message out to him and showed him the pictures, which was great.

Many thanks


1 Response to Fond Memories and new photos of Norway school journey

  1. Ann Lyons says:

    I was just looking on google and came across the photos from Sandra, I was amazed to see myself in two of them, the “cowboy” in the fancy dress and hiding behind some of the taller girls in the pj party in Norway. I recognised Lesley Lindsey straight away.
    Miss Meadows lived a few doors away from me in Castle Street East, but she taught at Britannia Road Infants School and not Dashwood Road, that is probably why Sandra doesn’t remember her there.
    My father and my uncle also attended Dashwood Road and Grimsbury County School, Mr Scroxton was then a very junior teacher.
    The trip to Norway was very exciting for all of us, in those days there was not the travel that children take for granted now.
    We went by train to the port and I seem to remember quite a rough crossing, but once there it was worth it.
    As Sandra said we went to our pen pals homes and to their school.
    We were also shown where a concentration camp had been during the war which I think brought it home to us far more than any history lesson could.
    We stayed at a boarding school just outside Voss and from there were taken to different places, like Bergen and a trip to a glacier, sorry cannot remember the name, much too long ago.
    hope this helps fill in a few gaps
    my maiden name was Ann Holmes

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