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Progress report – 17 November 2011

Site Manager Vinny Franklin shows me around

Site Manager Vinny Franklin shows me around

Site Manager Vinny Franklin shows me around
Infill between original buildings removed
They've filled in the old basement where the boiler would have been.
Dividing walls inside the old infants school.
A fireplace revealed in the Infants School.
Each classroom is turning into an open-plan self-contained house.
The original windows will be secondary glazed or replaced with similar timber.
Bedrooms will be in the roof, accessed via a staircase and door above each archway.
Foundations are in place for the two new three-storey houses.

As a close neighbour to Dashwood, I’ve been glad to see workmen arrive and the redevelopment of the school getting underway. Contractor Mansell is keen to let the community know that it is closely following the plans to preserve the building and repurpose it as houses and flats, and the site manager Vinny Franklin took time yesterday to show me around the site.

Here are some of my photos – look out for more as I find matches for some of them, so we can see how things are changing, or returning to their former glory, as the plans unfold.

The photo of Vinny shows preliminary building work for the new accessible flat that is replacing the old toilet block at the Dashwood Road / Newland Road corner. This will be brick-clad when complete.

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