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William Catlin Woods: a marvellous teacher

William Catlin Woods - headmaster to the boys from 1919-1933

William Catlin Woods – headmaster to the boys from 1919-1933

William Catlin Woods - headmaster to the boys from 1919-1933
This is the plaque on the framed photograph

Recently emerged from a cupboard at the new Dashwood building is this photograph of William Catlin Woods. He took over from Arthur Boulton, Dashwood’s first headmaster, and led the boys’ department from 1919 to 1933 when he retired.

Pupil N C Humphris, who attended Dashwood from 1911-1920, recalled later that Woods was ‘a marvellous teacher, years agead of his time. Said of my writing: “Humphris, it looks like a spider fell in the ink and crawled on your paper”.’

Walter Adler’s memory was that Mr Woods told the class of the great potential in ‘Electricity’.

4 Responses to William Catlin Woods: a marvellous teacher

  1. christopher preece says:

    i have really enjoyed finding this web site as me and my brother attended dashwood school in the seventies when mr underwood was the headmaster my teacher was mr newbold,my memories are playing marbles in the play ground and the worn out steps into the school play ground truly a wonderful school with lovely teachers

    • David Dobson says:

      Nostalgia is a big thing. I too attended Dashwood Primary School in the seventies and Mr Newbold was my teacher in the 3rd year and Mrs Walker in my 2nd year, Mr underwood being the headmaster. I also remember playing marbles in the playground and the freezing cold swimming pool. A few people I remember from the same year were Julian Brown, Tanya Carpenter and Helen Wilson. I now live near Lichfield in Staffordshire but have fond memories of this beautiful old school which I believe has been shut and a new school built.

  2. Emma Mobbs says:

    I remember that there was half a wall in the head’s office that had an asortment of beautifully done toys on.

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